About Faculty

Gazi University, Faculty of Communication is one of the oldest institutions in Turkey that offers education in the field of communication. It was established in the name of the School of Journalism, in 1967-1968 academic year. The School joined Gazi University in 1981 in the name of School of Press and Publish, and took the name of Gazi University Faculty of Communication in 1992.

With a history over 40 years; Gazi University Faculty of Communication has  "Journalism", "Radio, Television and Cinema","Public Relations and Publicity" departments. The language of instruction is Turkish in the faculty. Three  undergraduate degree education has been carried out since 1992 in our Faculty. During undergraduate degree education, the students are presented with minor and double major opportunities. In addition, in all three departments, there are Master and PhD Degree educations, which are carried out within the Gazi University Social Sciences Institute. 

Faculty has various application areas such as; advertising studio, news agecy, radio, television editing studios and studio of photography. In this context, students perform various advertising practices and designactivities in Advertising Studio and gain practical experience in "Newspaper Gazi" which publishes twice a month. "Radio Gazi" is our faculty radio which is broadcasting to Ankara. Our students get experience in program production, broadcasting and program management with working for this radio. Students can also develope practical skills about shooting and editing in our faculty’s television studios. In addition to all this, taking and presenting photo practices, photographic trips are maintained by the Photography Club. 

Graduates of the faculty can work for the various fields of media, communications, public relations and film industries. The press, broadcasting and public relations departments of public/private sectors and NGO’s are also places where graduates can work.