Mission - Vision


GÜ The mission of the Faculty of Communication in general can be framed in accordance with the following points : The mass media, institutions and organizations in the functioning of the principles and applications give students theoretical and practical knowledge.

Journalism, radio and television production, film, advertising, public relations specialist and so on. areas prepare the students for professional life by giving them the knowledge and skills they need.

Students of mass communication institutions, instruments and organizations related to the structure and functions enable them to think critically and questioning, to impart the basics of the scientific method.

Students' writing and speaking skills and analytical thinking skills help their development.


Turkish education based on the Faculty's vision for the country and the world who correctly understands and explains the scientific, ethical research, community and public benefit from a faculty that is not the character. The main target is to provide with communicators, knowledgeable, ethical values, respect, communication, social development, the exclusive place well versed in this direction and employee relations and the people who developed the cultivation